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Your Resort Needs Mystery Shoppers

It’s official: Vacation season is under way! From family holiday getaways to winter destination weddings, spring break trips and everything in between, the next few months are sure to be busy ones at your resort property.

Aerial photo of a resort. You need mystery shoppers to check out your resort.There are a lot of moving parts in a resort: The hotel is only one component.

Some resorts offer health clubs, spas, fine dining excursions and adventures — people come to your resort for a special reason. But with all those moving parts, how can you ensure that you’re doing the best for all your guests at all times? Here’s your answer: Hire mystery shoppers.

Mystery shopping companies will hire and train mystery shoppers to visit your resort, stay at the hotel and participate in all the dining and activities you offer, just as ordinary customers would. But they’ll come armed with a list of criteria and a battery of tests that will help figure out what you’re doing right…and what could stand to be improved. When they leave your resort, they’ll put together a report based on their experiences, which will come back to you, so you can take any action necessary.

Here are a few things mystery shoppers might investigate:

  • Friendliness and helpfulness of front desk staff
  • Cleanliness and organization of lobby and front desk
  • Check-in time
  • Housekeeping services
  • Availability and staffing of resort activities
  • Concierge and reservation services
  • Cleanliness, friendliness of staff and other factors at pool, spa, health club and other concierge-service areas
  • Restaurant service and quality

These shops will be detailed and time consuming, but think how worthwhile the results of these mystery shoppers’ investigations will be.

Your customers do a lot of research before they go on vacation, and when they choose your resort as their destination, they’re investing a good chunk of hard-earned money in your business. Disappointing them doesn’t just mean you’ve failed one customer…it means you’ll likely miss an opportunity to succeed with flying colors for everyone that customers speaks to — we’ve talked before about how quickly a bad review can spread.

Make the good reviews the ones that go viral!