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The Quirky Consumer: If you got the wine, I got the time…

My favorite restaurant makes me a happy customer because they have happy employees

So, this weekend I went to one of my favorite local Louisville restaurants and wine bar, Louvino. Again.  Not just because I love that place wholeheartedly, but because for whatever reason, I have had at least five of my dates choose it as our date destination. I could tell from the way the one bartender WHO HAS BEEN WORKING EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE BEEN THERE ON A DATE was looking at me that he thinks I am a “lady of the night.” I’m not, by the way. I’m just trying to navigate the whole online dating thing, but, I digress.

Why do I love Louvino so much? What makes me such a happy customer? So many reasons. First of all, they have delicious food. Small plates that aren’t too small, that are great for sharing and perfect when you’re indecisive and want a little bit of everything. Small plates are like Ritalin for people with food ADD.

My favorite restaurant makes me a happy customer because they have happy employees

Wine restaurant

They also have an amazing wine list and wine flights, also perfect for the indecisive wine drinker. Are you sensing a theme here?

The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The lighting is good (a bonus on those dates) and the seating is cozy and close together which often ends with you making friends with your neighboring diners.

But, none of these wonderful things would matter so much if it weren’t for the quality of service. Never once have I been there and had anything other than exceptional treatment from every employee I have encountered. Well, maybe with the exception of the bartender who kept shooting me sidelong glances, but I can’t say I blame him: I would be curious as well.

The servers explain the specials in a way that makes you want to order all of them. The bartenders make sure you always have a drink and engage you in just the right amount of conversation. Mainly, they all seem so enthusiastic and happy to be there that it is kind of contagious. They truly seem to love their jobs, which makes me think that the people that own it are doing something right. Well, obviously they are, they are getting ready to open two new locations.

In a nutshell, happy employees make for a happy customer, which makes for repeat business. It is a win/win for everyone.