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Why Should I Have a Mystery Shopper Call In to My Call Center?

The call center is your company’s core, and your staff is on the front lines. It is where new orders come in, where client problems are solved, and where questions are answered. If you’re consistent with excellent customer service, your customers come to expect the same quality and attention every time they contact you, and they reward you with their loyalty.

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Recent market studies show that there is a clear relationship between great customer service and customer loyalty. In fact, customers will pay higher prices if it means they gain a valuable customer service experience. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to empower your call center team with the best techniques in customer service to succeed in the long term. But how do you know how your staff performs when you aren’t present? Before you know where you need to go, you need to know where you currently are.

One way to conduct an objective call center evaluation is through telephone mystery shopping. A telephone mystery shopping program can give you invaluable data about your customers’ perceptions of their interactions with the call center service and a look at what they expereince when they cal in. When you work with a mystery shopping company, they will work with you to create a custom program that includes all the elements important to your business. The company should be able to tailor the plan to target specific problem areas or specific training issues you might need to focus on. Once that is established, mystery shoppers will begin to “shop” your call center, posing as actual customers and calling in to place orders or asking specific questions.

With a mystery shopping program, you can track a transaction from beginning to end. With your management team, you can look at this snapshot of the customer service experience from different advantage levels — how individual representatives are performing as well as how your operations are working as a whole. After your mystery shopping plan is complete, the company can help you pinpoint areas where processes may not be working to their best potential, or where more intensive training may be needed.

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