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Why Should I Bring Mystery Shoppers Into My Nail Salon?

Ahhh, who doesn’t love a nice manicure or pedicure after a long day? Looking down as I type this, I see that my hands could use a little TLC as we speak! But that’s neither here nor there.

If your town is anything like mine, the number of nail salon shops has grown almost too large to keep track of, and the distinction between this shop and the next is often negligible. How can you be sure you’re taking care of your customers’ nails — and more — as the nail salon down the street…and keep a one-time manicure customer coming back for more every time she needs a little relaxation?

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That can be a real nail biter. (Heh.) Well, here’s an idea: Hire a mystery shopping company to help you keep tabs on how well your nail salon and nail technicians are doing on a day-to-day basis. A specially trained mystery shopper, equipped with a list of things to look for during their visit, will come to your shop and go through the motions of an ordinary customer, then compile a report that will help you put a finger on.

  • How long is the wait for walk-ins?
  • Are there reading materials in the waiting and/or drying area?
  • Are they from 1994? (You know who you are.)
  • How many techs are on shift?
  • How is the selection of polishes, and are they organized neatly and logically?
  • Are massage chairs for pedicures operational?
  • How clean is the salon in general?
  • Do sanitation procedures seem to be in tact?
  • Are techs sensitive to temperature of the footbath water, pressure of their nail files and cuticle tools on their customers?
  • Are techs pleasant and friendly?

I mentioned sanitation procedures above — obviously, mystery shoppers are not trained inspectors and won’t be reporting anything to the government if they notice something awry. Their observations will come only to you, and if they’ve spotted something that seems to need correction, you’ll know to inspect it yourself before the issue escalates at your next inspection.

Other than that, you can use mystery shoppers to be your eyes, ears and…digits while you’re taking care of business elsewhere in your nail salon, to keep customers coming back to get polished and primped for many visits to come. If you would like to discuss having a mystery shopper come to your nail salon, please contact us for more information.

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