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Why Should I Bring a Mystery Shopper Into My Hair Salon?

Everyone needs haircuts every so often. Otherwise, we’d live in a society full of those terrifying Geico cavemen–looking people. And no one wants that.

But there are a lot of options for people needing their ears lowered. And whether you’re a discount shop where men’s haircuts have numbers for easy reference, or a boutique salon offering simple cut and styles for upwards of $100, there are a lot of factors involved in getting and keeping those customers coming to you every time their ‘do needs refreshing.

Hair salon, Tacoma, Washington

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One way to keep tabs on those things is by hiring a mystery shopping company, which will find and train shoppers to go through all the motions of an ordinary client. They’ll book appointments, come in for their service, pay the full service amount — and your employees will be none the wiser. But they’ll also be armed with a checklist of things to look out for.

Here are some suggested items a mystery shopper might keep an eye out for:

  • Is staff polite and courteous when booking appointments?
  • Do they make reminder calls beforehand?
  • Is front desk staff friendly and helpful?
  • Are walk-ins accommodated?
  • Are stylists on time and courteous?
  • Do employees offer add-on services and products to boost profits?
  • Are products well stocked and arranged?
  • Do employees regularly sweep the floors?

When they’ve completed their shop, they’ll put together a report of their experience, which will come directly back to you and offer a comprehensive look at what you and your employees are doing well and what could use a bit of work.

You may think you see everything that goes on in your store, but chances are, you’ve stopped to some degree being able to see things from a customer’s perspective. Let mystery shoppers be your eyes and ears, and help you both reward fantastic service and correct things that have gone wrong.

Mystery shopping ensures that your salon will remain a cut above its competitors.

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