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Why Customer Experience Management Programs Should Be Launched From the Top Down

Customer experience management systems implemented throughout most corporations are usually done at the employee level. This is why even some of the most well-thought out customer experience management programs fail. Contrary to popular belief, research has proven time and again that the most successful customer experience programs are executed from the top down.

Most professionals agree that one of the most difficult aspects of launching a successful customer experience management program is the execution — getting ground-level employees excited to participate.

Difficulty in engaging ground-level employees is precisely why these programs should be launched from the top down, starting at the executive level. Research has proven repeatedly that the most significant factor in successfully launching a customer experience management program is the level of involvement company leaders have in the process.

Executives must take a genuine interest in communicating, demonstrating, and rewarding company values. Simply preaching the importance of customer experience management is not enough — executives must also lead by example.

A 2011 research study done by Temkin Group found that only 17% of employees surveyed felt their company’s executives supported decisions to trade off short-term financial results for long-term customer loyalty. Additionally, most successful programs are led by executives who are motivated by that long-term loyalty as well, and use it as the guiding principle for all activities.

An executive’s vision, passion, and commitment to both their employees and customer experience will often become the guiding principle that is carried on from the top all the way down to the employee level. When a company’s employees feel their company cares about them, they’re more willing to undergo training in order to roll out new programs. It’s a known fact that the happier employees are with their jobs, the more they will go out of their way to serve customers. By leading by example and with passion, executives can ensure their vision will result in well-executed customer experience management programs.