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What Does an Apartment/Multi-Family Dwelling Mystery Shop Look Like? [VIDEO]

One of our specialties is the apartment/multi-family dwelling mystery shopping. We send mystery shoppers in from all over the country to visit prospective apartment complexes, and to check on the customer service and training of its sales staff.

We’re hired by the apartment complex owners and property managers themselves as part of their customer service function. We recently sent one of our mystery shoppers on an apartment shop with a hidden video camera to see what we could find.

In this particular video, the salesperson took our shopper’s name, asked for ID (good), and gave her a tour of both the public facilities and an available apartment. She was upbeat, talked about the good features of the apartment, and was very friendly and conversational.

Our clients look for this kind of effort and rapport-building in their sales staff, and we were able to show it to them thanks to the video mystery shopping technology.

If you own or manage an apartment complex or multi-family dwelling, and want to make sure your sales staff are following the procedures you’ve trained them on, mystery shopping can show you who is doing well and who needs work. For more information, call Measure CP at (502) 749-6100.