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What Does a Convenience Store Age Compliance Mystery Shop Look Like? [VIDEO]

One of the things a mystery shopper does for gas stations and convenience stores is to check whether your clerks are checking IDs for shoppers who buy cigarettes. Since it’s the law that people have to be 18 or older to buy tobacco products, and many convenience stores display the “We Check ID” signs and stickers, you would expect them to actually check.

After all, what’s to stop an older looking 16-year-old from buying tobacco? Or a young-looking 21-year-old who’s working for the local law enforcement? In either case, your store could be the subject of fines and penalties, all because your clerks didn’t check IDs.

Below is a video of one of our mystery shoppers going on an age compliance mystery shop, where he was supposed to have his ID checked when buying a pack of cigarettes.

What if this were your store? What if, instead of a mystery shopper, he were a law enforcement officer? Is your convenience store following proper Tobacco ID laws for your state?

Mystery shopping can help you find out whether you’re in compliance, or in danger of violations and penalties. If you want some help in this area, call Measure CP at (502) 749-6100.