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Video Mystery Shopping: Get The True Feel of Operations with Measure CP

Video mystery shopping is an invaluable training tool for your business. Are your employees acting as ambassadors of your brand? It’s one thing for an employee to give great service when they know management is watching, but what about when management isn’t there? Whether or not it’s a conscious decision, many employees simply act differently when they know they’re being critiqued. Video mystery shopping takes the concept of mystery shopping to the next level, and the findings from a video mystery shopping experience may just be valuable beyond measure for your business.Measure CP Logo Icon

Measure CP partners with you to find ways to increase your success. Here’s how we do it. First, Measure CP gains an understanding of the intricacies of your business by performing a thorough analysis of what you believe are your company’s main problems and opportunities. Next, we collaborate with you to find a customer experience management solution – such as video mystery shopping, brand audits, mobile feedback, or a combination – which measures and reports on how your processes and protocols are being followed, and where your areas for improvement are.

Our customer experience management solutions are effective because they mirror the actual shopping experience that a customer undergoes, so you can see exactly how your associates represent your brand. With video mystery shopping, Measure CP works with you to place high-quality hidden audio video equipment throughout your business location. We’ll record the visits of several mystery shoppers in diverse situations, then we’ll hand the footage over to you along with a thorough analysis of your company’s opportunities for improvement and areas of strength and weakness. We’ll help you interpret the findings of our video mystery shopping research, looking for patterns and opportunities for growth.

You’ll get a truly clear picture of how your company operates and presents itself to potential customers through our video mystery shopping program. You’ll see if your employees are representing your brand accurately, and we’ll help you find clear opportunities for improvement through close analysis of the video mystery shopping content. What can Measure CP’s video mystery shopping program do for your business? The possibilities are endless, so call us today and let’s start exploring the potential.