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Using Text Surveys in Your Baby Store

Good, old-fashioned customer service really goes a long way — especially for a harried mother, who can feel very isolated in their thankless, unpaid full-time jobs. Even if you’re just taking the time to ask how everything’s going for her while she’s shopping in your baby store.

Row of shelves inside a baby store. Use text surveys to solicit feedback from your customers.While nothing will ever take the place of eye contact sincere concern, asking for feedback in any way will give you a leg up over many other retailers. Consider using text message–based surveys to gauge your customers’ feedback on a day-to-day basis. Give your shoppers the opportunity to voice their opinions about their shopping experience in your baby store right away — before they’ve even left. If they’re dissatisfied with something during their shopping experience, this could be your opportunity to recover or make right whatever went wrong.

Do you have a loyalty program? In addition to placards offering text message surveys in your store, consider pushing messages to your program members inviting them to participate in a survey, in exchange for a token discount when they visit your shop — or an invite to a members-only Moms Night Out event, or a perk of your choosing. Make it special for them!

You’ll get their feedback instantly, pushed to your phone or e-mail. That gives you an opportunity to find them while they’re still in the store, if necessary, and correct anything that has gone wrong as soon as it’s happened. If a customer speaks especially highly of an employee, you can reward that employee instantaneously for their excellent survey. There’s a lot to be said for quick response.

These text surveys can be especially valuable because they get real-time feedback from people already shopping in your stores. They’re not like mystery shoppers because they’re already somewhat loyal to your store — they chose to visit you! All they’re worried about is having a satisfying experience.

Take the time to capture these shoppers’ contact information in your store; imagine having mothers’ permission to contact them whenever you need insight into their valuable demographic’s shopping habits!