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Using Text Surveys for a Wireless Store

These days, people can’t survive without their cell phones. It’s a lifeline to family, friends, work and, often, the great world beyond our little personal bubbles. And for many wireless customers, they choose a carrier and where they shop for phones and accessories because it’s the lesser of many, many evils.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could be the wireless store everyone wanted to shop? Nobody’s perfect, of course, but you can get closer to perfect by asking this simple question: “How are we doing?”

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And what if you could have them tell you on the very same cell phone you just sold them? Measure CP offers a new way to gauge potential and existing customers’ opinions with a quick text-based survey that goes straight to their cell phones and gives you immediate feedback on your store’s performance.

Whether someone visits your store for a new activation or cancellation, phone repair or new phone purchase, or even something as simple as paying their bill or asking a question about their billing, you can set this service up to send specific questions for each situation that will ask customers, in a short text message, to rate your performance.

All customers need to do is reply to the text message with a simple answer; you’ll instantly receive their feedback to your phone or e-mail and take appropriate action as soon as necessary. Not living up to their expectations? This could be your opportunity to correct your actions before a disgruntled customer takes to Yelp, Facebook, Twitter or another online forum to gripe about their experience — and turn their negative experience into a more positive one.

If a customer needs to vent beyond their 160 allotted characters, there’s also an option to add a 30-second voice prompt. This removes the limitation of a text-based service without nonverbal cues — the huffing and puffing, the eye rolls, the storming out of the store — and lets you hear the frustrations straight from them, unfiltered.

It’s always best not to have customer complaints at all, but they’re practically inevitable no matter how well you’re doing — everyone gets them. But with text surveys, you can beat your customers to the online complaint punch by asking for their feedback directly before they give it to the rest of the world.

For more information on text surveys, contact MeasureCP, and we’ll be happy to show you how to use it in your business.

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