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Using Text Surveys for a Utility Company

Your area just experienced the worst storm in years, and there are power lines down everywhere. Or a water main break in the center of town has left half the municipality without running water.

Even if you’re not dealing with a local disaster — you could be hooking up services for a new home or doing routine service in a neighborhood — you and your employees interact with customers every day. Whatever’s happened, your utility company has a lot on its plate, and chances are, people are going to have something to say about the way you’re responding.

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But how often do you actually stick around long enough to find out how satisfied your customers are? Sure, you might have a toll-free number offering an opportunity to give their feedback — like those “How’s my driving?” stickers on the backs of semis — but most people won’t actually bother to call.

Now you can gauge your customers’ opinions with text message–based surveys that go straight to their cell phones and gives you immediate feedback on your company’s performance.

No matter what the situation, you can set this service up to send specific questions for each situation that will ask customers, in a short text message, how you’re doing. Or, for routine customer satisfaction questions, you could even put your short code on their bill and allow them to text in on their time.

All they’ll need to do is reply to the text message with a simple answer; you’ll instantly receive their feedback and can take action as soon as you get the message. Because there’s no one to talk to and no long process to go through, you’ve got a better chance of a frank, honest assessment that will allow you to get to the heart of your problem.

You could fix what’s wrong before someone takes to Yelp, Facebook, Twitter or another online forum — and turn their negative more positive.

It doesn’t just work for negative experiences. If a customer has an especially great experience during a service call or wants to commend you for above-and-beyond responsiveness or service during an outage, heat wave or other difficult time for your company, you could find out immediately and act to reward whomever was responsible for that satisfied customer experience.

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