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Use Text Surveys With Apartment Complex Tenants After Move-In and Maintenance Calls

If you own an apartment complex, you know there are a lot of variables in keeping your tenants happy. But while getting that lease signed quickly or providing good maintenance are important, the most critical time for providing good customer service is actually during move-in.

Consider using text surveys to measure your performance and your tenants' happiness.Maybe it’s been a while since you lived anywhere new, or maybe you’ve been in the business for too long, but the stress of moving is enough to drive anyone to the edge. The selling process is complete, the lease is signed, the boxes are packed; if a tenant comes in after all that and finds that the apartment they’ve chosen doesn’t match the pristine model unit they saw — the paint is peeling, the plumbing’s in bad shape, there’s an ant problem — you’re going to have problems on your hands.

A lot of complaints are registered during the move-in process, and if you don’t act on those complaints immediately, tenants are going to regret their decision to move into your apartment complex. They’ve signed a lease and they’re stuck with you. This is where text surveys can make a big difference.

Getting their feedback and acting on it as quickly as possible is essential during this time; postal or e-mail surveys will be too slow or get lost in the shuffle of junk mail and spam. Text surveys are a great opportunity to access your tenants immediately, and you’ll have a much higher rate of response!

Your tenants will likely respond within 90 minutes of receiving a text survey, and if something has made them unhappy, you’ll know almost right away. Which means you have the opportunity to address the problem for them almost right away, too, which can mean the difference between a disgruntled tenant and a great long-term relationship with your customers.

You can even tie the surveys in with your CRM; dispatch the survey immediately after the move-in, and send another after you’ve marked their problem as resolved to ensure that they’re happy with the results. Move-is is painful enough on its own; if you wait too long to address their issues, just giving them a discount on their rent won’t be enough to soothe the sting.