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Use Text Surveys for Your Resort

When people visit your resort, they’re there to relax, enjoy the services you have to offer and be spoiled by the fantastic customer service each one of your employees provides — in every aspect of the business, whether it’s a restaurant or spa or even a member of your housekeeping staff. Measure your resort's performance with text surveys If something has gone wrong, you’ll definitely hear from your most vocal guests…but what about the rest? Is the only option to call the front desk and speak to someone? That can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t like confrontation and just wants to enjoy their stay. Maybe you just want to know how things are going, but don’t have the resources to make a personal call to each guest’s room.

Hopefully, guests will be busy out enjoying all the wonderful services and activities you have to offer, but they should have some downtime as well. This is a perfect opportunity to invite them to take any text surveys, a quiet, unobtrusive way to get to their opinions and feedback on your resort. Here are a couple of ideas on how to implement something like this:

At the front desk: Ask customers, both at check-in and check-out, about their experience with your staff. How long did they have to wait? Were there issues with the check-in process? Were all the charges explained to them? Ask anything you’d like.

In-room: Ask how they’re liking their room! Were the sheets and linens nice and clean? How has housekeeping service been? You might not want to send any text surveys during your stay, but you can send them afterward.

These ideas go for all the other aspects of your resort, too. The questions don’t have to be complicated; the answers won’t be either, though you can give customers the option to tell you more. The best part about these text surveys: You’ll get responses instantly to your cell phone or e-mail, which means you can act on both positive and negative feedback immediately.

If your resort or hotel group has a rewards program, consider using text surveys to communicate with your most loyal group of customers. Offer a small incentive to them for answering a few quick text survey questions. The benefit to you: valuable insights from repeat customers. The benefit to them: A token of your appreciation, plus better service based on their insights next time they come to your resort!