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Use Text Surveys for Your Hotel

When people stay in your hotel, whether they’re there for business or pleasure, they expect a lot from you. They expect quick and painless check-in and check-out, a secure room, comfortable and cozy beds, great water pressure in the shower, and sometimes, even a warm breakfast. Oh — and it wouldn’t hurt, of course, for all those things to be delivered professionally and with a big smile. Guests in your hotel also expect privacy, peace and quiet. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t unobtrusive ways to show you care about their opinions and feedback: Try using text surveys the next time you want to ask hotel guests to weigh in on their stay — even while they’re still checked in!

Encourage your customers via a placard, table tent or even mirror cling to send a quick message to a five-digit “short code” from their cell phones (no smart phones necessary!), which will then return a prompt to answer a few questions that will translate into actionable feedback from you.

The benefit of these surveys is that unlike mystery shops, which use people who are being paid to patronize your business, text surveys rely on a group of people who are already somewhat loyal to your business. The feedback of emotionally invested customers is especially valuable knowing all the many hotel options that travelers have nowadays.

Another benefit? The results of these surveys will come straight to you — via text message or email — as soon as your guests hit send from their phones.

At the front desk: This is a great opportunity to ask about your staff, even the ones who are standing right in front of the guests. Definitely gauge your guests’ reactions the front-desk staff, bellhops, valets and more. If you’ve sensed issues with wait times, baggage handling and the like, this is a great time to get in there and ask about them.

In room: Ask how they’re liking their room! Are their linens crisp and clean? IS the water pressure good enough? Is housekeeping prompt and polite?

Many of the answers you’ll get, if they are negative, are likely simple things that could be addressed by a quick call to the front desk or housekeeping management. But if you’re proactive in asking customers about these things before they come to you with an issue, you definitely come out looking like the champion.