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Use Text Surveys for Your Car Rental Service

Travel can be stressful. We’ve already discussed this in my post about hiring mystery shoppers. But maybe you’re concerned about adding one more customer into the mix — who isn’t even a “real” customer — when your lines are already out the door. Or maybe you don’t want to wait for a report to come back from a mystery shopping company. Or maybe you want immediate feedback on just a couple of factors during your busiest season.

One way to gauge your customers’ expectations and actual experiences is through text surveys. It’s an easy way to ask for your customers’ input — and ensure that their opinions won’t be ignored or lost in some dusty comment box in the corner of your location. How can you ensure this? Their responses come straight to you — or any manager or supervisor you choose — either by phone or e-mail. Here are a couple of ideas for using these text surveys in your car rental service:

At the counter: Tents at rental station at your counter — or even signs along the line, if you’ve got big crowds for the holidays — asking how long customers have been waiting, or how friendly and helpful their customer service has been.

Inside the car: Consider using a window cling just inside the window of your cars inviting customers to take a survey before they drive off the lot. They can give feedback on the entire rental process, or maybe just the walkthrough. Were they informed of all the return policies? How does the car look? Was the attendant helpful and friendly?

The value in the immediacy of these surveys shouldn’t be minimized. When you get these results to your phone or e-mail, you have an opportunity to address customers while they’re still inside your business, if necessary, and correct anything that has gone wrong as soon as it’s happened. Or, if a customer has spoken especially highly of one of your counter employees or attendants on the lot, say, you can reward that employee instantaneously for a job well done!