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Use Text Surveys for Department Stores

The average department store sees hundreds of customers every day: male, female, young, old, busy, leisurely and everything in between. How often do you, as a manager, get to ask for those customers’ honest feedback, especially in the less frequently trafficked areas?

Nothing will ever take the place of a live human making eye contact and asking for an opinion, but asking for feedback in any way will put you head and shoulders above most retailers. Consider using message–based text surveys to gauge your customers’ feedback on a day-to-day basis.

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Here are two ideas of areas in your stores to use these text surveys:

Among product displays: You could hang signs inviting customers to take a quick survey on their shopping experience. Give them an opportunity to sound off on whether they found the sizes they needed, whether they needed help locating them, and how friendly the staff within the department was.

At checkout: Put a placard on the counter by your registers asking customers how their service experience has been. By sending a message to the code on the placard, they can offer feedback on a specific person who helped them find a particular product or went above and beyond in some way, or complain about a particularly negative associate without worrying about an uncomfortable confrontation with that person — or with management.

You could even, upon customer completion of the text survey, offer an instant discount on whatever items they plan to purchase.

These text surveys can provide special value, especially in conjunction with a bona-fide mystery shopping program, because they provide real-time, real-life feedback from people who are actually in your stores. They’re not worried about filling out their forms correctly or going through all the necessary steps for their mystery shop — they just want a good shopping experience, to get in and get out in as little time and with as little frustration as possible.

The best part: You’ll get feedback instantly, as soon as customers respond. Which means you can follow up immediately if necessary to ensure that your customers stay happy instead of taking their business elsewhere.

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