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Top 5 Reasons for Your Business to Take Good Care of Moms

Businesses can’t afford to ignore or drop the ball with their female potential customers. The numbers don’t lie: According to, women spend more than $5 trillion every year — that’s more than half the gross domestic product.

Women, according to this site, account for 85 percent of ALL consumer purchases, including:

  • 91% of new homes
  • 66% of computers
  • 92% of vacations
  • 80% of healthcare spending
  • 65% of new cars
  • 93% of food
  • 93% of over-the-counter drugs

Those numbers are compelling! And when you boil the female demographic down even further into the mom segment, there’s a whole host of other really compelling reasons to pay special attention to these consumer powerhouses!

Here are my top five reasons to take good care of the moms who support your businesses.

1. Moms are the decision makers.

Mothers, especially stay-at-home mothers, are the ones making the decisions on what to buy. Not just for themselves, but for their children and their families in general.

2. Moms have serious spending power.

See above — enough said.

3. Moms talk to one another. A lot.

Play dates, phone trees, Bunko games, yoga class, PTA meetings, networking groups: Mothers have many, many opportunities to talk to one another, and you can bet that they’ll be quick to share a story about a bad experience — or a fantastic one — with other mothers.

4. Moms are online.

If the fact that mothers get together often isn’t enough, they’re also blogging, Yelping, tweeting and Facebooking. (Sixty-two percent of moms are on Facebook, according to a new study They’re powerful when they talk to one another in person, in small groups, so you can just imagine the impact of their online endorsement (or indictment).

5. Moms are raising future consumers.

This may sound silly, but think of the children! When you provide good or bad customer service to a mother, you’re setting the stage for the consumers they’re bringing up! If you’re a long-standing brand, know that the experiences you offer the mothers will directly impact who comes to your business in the future!

What do you think? Whether you’re a restaurant, baby store, grocery store, car dealership or another business, I’m sure we could come up with five more reasons to take good care of the moms you call your customers. Leave yours in the comment!