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The Power of Texting Senior Care Facility

When you’re running a senior care facility, you’re not just running a group living environment. Families have enlisted you to provide proper care for very important family members who need extra help getting through their days. Your job is incredibly important and must be approached with sensitivity, attention and care.

Selecting the perfect facility for those family members is a stressful experience, and the relationships you start with families will build for years to come. It’s crucial to let them know from the start how important that relationship is to you and your business. So, in addition to the personal attention and care you provide to every potential and current client, consider adding simple text message–based surveys to gauge their feelings on their own time.

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From the first time a family visits your facility to see whether it’s the right fit for the senior in question, you can gauge their reactions to the housing and staff by either inviting them to take a short survey after their visit is complete — with a take-home postcard or signage placed throughout the facility — or pushing a message to them after they’ve left using the contact information they provided when they signed up for their tour or visit.

You can ask them anything from how they liked their tour guide to how they found the accommodations, or even their general feelings about the facility. There are even options for voice prompts in case you want to offer an opportunity for them to expand on their responses.

During family visit or activity days, consider placing tents on meal or activity tables that invite visiting family members to participate in a survey of how their relatives seem to be doing, whether they’re adjusting to a new environment or enjoying one in many years already spent in your facility. And, of course, if a family has had a particularly good experience, this is a way to hear from them firsthand who made their day better or improved the way they see your facility. The staff members responsible should absolutely be rewarded!

You know people have many choices for where to have senior family members looked after as they get older and need more assistance; using these quick, text-based surveys could allow you to turn on a dime and make adjustments to how you’re doing things as you learn of issues, instead of learning the hard way — through losing potential customers because of something you could have easily corrected.

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