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The Power of Texting in a QSR/Fast Food Restaurant

Go, go, go! Today’s fast food diner is looking for a lightning-quick experience above all things. They want their burger or salad or smoothie or coffee in short order, and they mean it! In fact, most fast food experiences are so quick, it’s hard to get so much as a good look at a customer’s face, much less ask them sincerely, “How are we doing?”

But you still want to know, right? Not just because you care about your customers but because you know their answer to that question, “How are we doing?” can really make a huge difference in the service you provide to them, and other diners, in the future.

Because it’s unlikely that you have the face time to ask in person, consider a simple text message-based survey system to gather your customers’ feedback. It’s quick, easy and gives you immediate results — as soon as a customer responds to the survey, you’ll get a message with their answers. Immediate results mean the potential for immediate action.

There are several ways to invite customers to take these surveys: You can include the “short code” (a 5-digit number to dial on their cell phone and send a message to) on their receipt or takeout bag. You can also create signage that rests on each table inviting them to take a survey about their meal. You could even have window clings created for the windows of your drive-through, if you have one.

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From there, the sky’s the limit. Ask about the store’s appearance. Ask how long they waited in line. Find out how they were treated when they got to the counter to order their food. Ask how long they waited for their food to be ready and whether it was prepared correctly (especially if they had a special order) — they can even attach a photo to their survey response if you choose.

Heck, ask about your selection of fountain soda or the cleanliness of the bathrooms if you want.

But use the information you collect wisely…customers know that if you’re asking for their feedback, you’re doing so to improve their next experience. So be prepared to do what it takes to keep them coming through your doors at lightning speed the next time.

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