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Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The MSPA offers shopper certification to improve the abilities as a mystery shopper. However, certification is not required to search and apply to the assignment postings from member companies. To become a mystery shopper, click on the Search for Shopping Assignments on the Shopper tab, fill in the form and submit. This will allow you to see shopping opportunities in your area and you apply based on those instructions. MSPA is a trade association and does not hire shoppers.

Presto InstaShops

From the makers of Sassie, this will give you access to hundreds of shop right in the palm of your hand. You will be able to search, apply, and complete your shops right from your mobile devices!


The JobSlinger job board allows members to access listings from hundreds of mystery shopping companies. This job board was created and is maintained by SASSIE, a provider of mystery shopping software.


The Volition site contains a list of mystery shopping, demo and merchandising companies, checklist to track assignments and payments, focus group info and other useful tools. The Forum is a good networking resource to learn from fellow shoppers regarding what companies they have worked with and their payment habits as well as an arena to share ideas and concerns. The only required fields are your Username, real name, and a valid e-mail address.