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If your customers told you they were unhappy before they left your store, what would you do?

At Measure CP, our motto is “Innovate or die,” and this attitude is evident in our adoption of mobile technology for the purpose of getting customer feedback to you through sentiment analysis the moment an impression is made. While other market research agencies are still relying on mail-in response cards that get information to you three weeks later, we’re using the latest technology to get customer feedback to you in seconds and minutes.

Whether your customer is at the table being served by your staff, in the restroom at your store, on the phone with a customer service rep, or walking back to their car at the mall, they can give you instantaneous feedback on the experience they’ve just had with your business. Consequently, when you get that feedback as it happens, your manager has the opportunity to rectify a negative experience quickly and efficiently.

We can push out web-based or SMS surveys, which mean your customers don’t need to have the latest mobile phone in order to be properly accommodated. As long as they can text, you can collect mobile feedback. No need for survey cards, focus groups, or even waiting for public negative feedback on Internet review sites.

Response rates make mobile feedback an option that must be explored. Where traditional web and IVR sentiment analysis surveys are seeing 1-3% response rates, mobile surveys are averaging in the high teens, with top performers peaking at nearly 30%.

Contact us today to learn more about how to get real-time mobile feedback from your customers.