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Are you actually seeing all of your data?


With Measure’s new data visualization platform – Envision – we are taking business intelligence to the next level. Delivering actionable insights via infographic dashboards, you can transform your KPIs into stimulating visuals that help to guide you in making critical business decisions. Data visualization doesn’t have to be something out of The Matrix, trying to understand weird letters and characters as they waterfall down a screen.

Transform your data into a story – let Envision curate and deliver insights, making it easy to disseminate functional intelligence across your organization. You no longer have to put up with mountains of data that provide no useful information.

Envision’s data visualization capabilities allow you to beautifully display your company data in a single platform, using infographics and storytelling to better make your point and explain it to your partners, stakeholders, and executives.

With Envision, see the bigger picture. Take any data point from your company – surveys, marketing campaigns, sales numbers, social media, or advertising – and visualize it in a single reporting platform. No more trying to understand cumbersome spreadsheets; Envision helps you understand your data in a whole new way.

Envision lets you navigate, macro to micro, for better data visualization




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