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Mystery Shopping Can Replace Call Center Keyword Monitoring

Mystery shopping auditors vastly outperform monitoring software used for grading call centers, something that can often mean the difference between happy and unhappy customers.

These days, thanks to fast computers and voice recognition software, call grading for call centers is usually done via keyword monitoring software. The software listens for certain keywords and flags them as positive or negative interactions between the call center staffer and the caller. Positive keywords lead to a positive score, and negative keywords result in a negative score.

Awesome, right?

Yeah, right.

State Farm call center employees processing damage claims.That phrase — “yeah, right” — is often called the “two positives that equal a negative,” and it illustrates the problem with keyword monitoring software. If I say it to you sarcastically, you understand my meaning: that things are not awesome. My tone of voice conveys my true feelings, and you can easily pick up on them.

But, a computer can’t do that. All it hears are “yeah” and “right,” and it believes that I truly do think things are awesome.

Two positive words lead to a positive call grade, even if the caller went away unhappy, firing that last bit of snark before hanging up.

This is where mystery shopping can outperform keyword monitoring software. Unlike a computer, people can pick up on all the subtle nuances of human interaction — sarcasm, weird pauses, ironic statements, and the context of slang or idioms.

Software can’t “measure the vibe” of human conversation. But our mystery shopping auditors can.

We provide mystery shopping auditors who listen to recorded calls. They will listen for key issues in a call, listen for the overall tone of the conversation, and provide an accurate score on what the call center staff should actually receive.

This allows your call center managers to give a more accurate grade to call center employees, provide specific feedback about behaviors and strategy, have a meaningful conversation about recurring problems, and even provide additional training.

Working with a mystery shopping agency lets you get more accurate call grading for your staff and help you to keep your customers satisfied with fewer miscommunications and problem areas. Using mystery shopping for call grading can ultimately boost customer loyalty, which leads to higher sales and reduced lead generation costs.

Photo credit: State Farm (Flickr, Creative Commons)