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Mystery Shopping at a Retail Electronics Store [VIDEO]

Hiring sales staff at large stores, especially electronics stores, can be especially costly. Not only do you have to train the people, but it takes a while before they know all of their products and stock. You spend weeks and months getting them to the level where they’ll be effective, but you don’t know if they are able to function at the level you perform.

You can hire sales trainers, role play different selling scenarios, and even have regular sales meetings. But is it doing the job?

A mystery shopper can show you whether your sales staff is meeting your expectations and handling the customers the way you want them to be. Below is a mystery shopping video that shows the interaction between the mystery shopper and the electronics store sales staff.

Store management uses videos like these to make sure their staff knows what they’re talking about, and can use the proper sales techniques, the way they have been trained.

If you own or manage an electronics store, and want to ensure your staff really knows their stuff, mystery shopping can show you what’s working and who needs more work. For more information, call Measure CP at (502) 749-6100.