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Mystery Shopping 101: Text Surveys in a Bank

On the surface, running a bank could seem like a purely transactional business. You hang on to people’s money and dole it out when they come in to collect it; you extend loans to deserving parties and expect them to be paid back in due time.

But you know better: Like many businesses that seem simple on the surface, there’s a lot more happening here than meets the eye. There’s a huge component of trust and confidence involved in your relationships with your bank’s customers, and it takes a lot of work to maintain them.

How often do you take the time to ask your customers how your bank is doing to earn and keep their trust and confidence? You can’t guarantee it just by handing their child a lollipop before they walk out the door. Now you can do more by offering simple text surveys customers can complete quickly and on their own time, on a variety of different topics concerning your bank.

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Even if it’s the simplest transaction, like making a deposit in the drive-through or withdrawing money at a teller window, you can print a 5-digit short code on their deposit receipt or on a table tent where they fill out their withdrawal slips, asking them for feedback on how it went. They can give you an idea of their wait time, how smoothly the whole process went and the friendliness of the tellers.

Suppose you have a prospective loan recipient come in. This can be a nerve-wracking experience. After an employee has taken down all their information — including a contact phone number — and they’ve left the branch you can push a message to them thanking them for visiting and asking them to complete text surveys asking how their experience went and how likely they are to be a return customer.

Or maybe a longtime customer has just decided to take out a mortgage for their first home with your bank. This is a fantastic opportunity to check in with them with short text surveys throughout the process and show them you care not just about their money but about their home-buying process, move-in, and repayment process after they’ve gotten settled in their new home.

The best part about these surveys: You’ll get feedback as soon as customers respond, meaning you can follow up immediately if necessary to ensure that your customers stay happy instead of taking their business elsewhere.

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