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Mystery Shop Your Car Rental Service

You know what they say: There’s no place like home for the holidays.

But depending on how far away they roam, some people are finding they’d rather fly close to their destination and make their driving time shorter — or save on the maintenance and piles of the miles they’d put on their own cars. So they rent. And that’s where you come in.

Car rental service logos, including Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and EnterpriseTravel has become a headache all the way around for many, whether they’re touristy once-a-year vacationers or business-class warriors who are at the airport each week. And while some of that pain can’t be avoided — delays at the TSA checkpoints, perpetual construction on major highways and the sheer cost of getting around by plane or car — other headaches are all about customer service. Or the lack of it.

So, is your car rental service adding to the headache, or working to alleviate it? Consider hiring mystery shoppers to get to the bottom of it! Mystery shopping companies will hire and train shoppers to patronize your service just as ordinary customers would…but with a battery of tests to determine what you’re doing right…and what could use a bit more work. After they’ve finished “shopping,” they’ll compile a comprehensive report based on their experiences.

Here are a few things they might look for:

  • Friendliness of counter staff inside airport and at off-site rental facility
  • Cleanliness of offices
  • Line wait time
  • Thoroughness of explanation of rental policies
  • Selection and availability of cars
  • Pre-rental car check
  • Cleanliness of car (interior and exterior)
  • Return procedure


It’s important, whether you’re a small, independent rental agency or a franchise of one of the big players, that you hold your employees to high standards and strict policies so that each customer has a consistently wonderful experience. But a lot of what mystery shoppers will be looking for is more subjective — it could be harder to measure during these shops, but those factors are what will really affect ordinary customers.

You never know what’s happened to them before they reach your doors!