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Multifamily Dwelling or Apartment Complex: Mystery Shopping with Text

It’s a big job running an apartment complex. You’ve got a high volume of people coming through every day — from brokers and rental agents to folks looking on their own for apartments — interacting with a lot of employees you trust to keep things running at the personal level while you oversee things.

You’ve got a CRM to keep track of the demographics, names and impressions that your employees can gather about prospective new renters, but at the end of the day, how much do you really know about their experiences? How many of them will actually sign a lease with you and go on to be happy tenants for years to come? And why or why not?

A CRM goes only so far. Now, you can get feedback directly from your prospective and current renters using a text-based survey system that goes to the source instead of relying on someone else — your employees, who have themselves to worry about — to pass that information along.

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Say someone comes in to take an apartment tour. They fill out a form with all their information and have given you plenty of information about themselves, including a phone number to reach them. But while they’re in a unit, there’s a table tent on the kitchen counter inviting them to send a text to a 5-digit short code, which will prompt a survey about how the property looks and how their tour is going so far. Or, have employees hand them a card as they leave inviting them to take a post-tour survey.

You can even push the survey to them: You’ve already collected their phone number, so send a survey thanking them for touring and asking how likely they are to rent from you in the near future (if they haven’t already). How did your employee do who showed them around? You can even find out what amenities your complex is lacking that’s leading them astray to another complex.

If they decide to rent from you, you can send follow-up surveys on move-in day — when stress runs high and there’s a lot of room for error — or a month into their lease to find out how things are going. These are long-term relationships you’re cultivating, and these text-based surveys are a non-invasive, quick and simple way to engage your renters and make sure they stay satisfied.

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