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Mother’s Day Yields Customer Service Nightmares

Even though it is 4 days past Mother’s Day, I’ve been reading my fair share about Mother’s Day Momma Dramas.  There were three articles that stood out the most.

The first two stories relate to two awful experiences with FTD…Not delivering the flowers for Mother’s Day-and not telling the customer that flowers weren’t delivered.  Said customers were obviously frustrated, and had to fight for discounts, refunds, and to even get a return phone call. I have got to believe that Mother’s Day is probably the number one (or two) holiday for FTD, and is likely a HUGE profit center for them.

I decided to bake a cake for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day

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FTD for Flowers?  BAD BAD BAD By KansasSunflower

Customer Service Gone Bad to Worse to “Are They Kidding?” By Tracy Ormsbee

This last article isn’t about FTD at all. Rather, its about a loyal customer who referred their mother to an ice cream cake shop to purchase a cake.  The cake arrived, and it was sloppy and decorated with a pink rose.  By the way, the cake was for a man.  Because of the Mother’s Day holiday, they were out of blue icing (What?  You don’t think of blue icing on a Mother’s Day Cake?

Mother’s Day Blamed for Poor Customer Service

The fact that these articles are out there on the web, AND they are garnering quite a bit of response from people online, further proves my theory that if you aren’t delivering good customer service, people will talk.  And those talkers, influence people.  Since people visit the web to research before purchasing…well, let’s just say those companies just shot themselves in the foot.  Social media is not a fad.