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Mobile Surveys Bring Automatic Feedback to Help Your Business Grow

Mobile surveys help you see how your business measures up to the competition. As anyone in business knows, it is easier to keep your current customers than to find and retain new customers. Results from MeasureCP mobile surveys give you immediate insight into your customers, allowing you to ascertain if they are satisfied with your offerings and if they plan to return to you in the future. This way, you can keep your current customers and use their feedback in mobile surveys to help your business grow.

MeasureCP’s mobile surveys work by providing customers with a QR code and a text-to number. That way, regardless of the type of phone the customers has, their wireless provider, or even their location, the customer is able to respond to mobile survey questions quickly and easily. There are a variety of ways you can ask customers to respond to mobile surveys. You can place signage at tables, on counters, and in restrooms. Mobile surveys can also be sent to a customer after they have called your call center. You can include a mobile survey text-to number on receipts, and your employees can also simply ask for feedback by pointing out mobile surveys and briefly explaining how the customer can respond.

Mobile SurveysAn important benefit of MeasureCP mobile surveys is that if a customer experiences anything negative from your business, the customer is more likely to respond negatively in a mobile survey if they are asked for feedback soon after their experience. And, after providing feedback via a mobile survey and getting a response, the customer is less likely to vent publicly via social media. So, mobile surveys by MeasureCP can help your business address wrongs, keep customers satisfied, and prevent negative word of mouth from spreading. This is one immediate way that mobile surveys can help your business grow – by containing negative instances and ensuring customers are satisfied now and in the future.