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Measuring Customer Perspective for Thousands of People

Is measuring the customer perspective of hundreds of thousands of people possible? You bet.

Understanding customer perspective — how your business is seen through customers’ eyes — helps business owners and executives know where they need to make changes to improve customer loyalty.

It’s one thing if you have a few hundred customers. With those numbers, you can usually just ask their opinions. Restaurant managers do table touches, coffee shop owners talk to their regulars, and retailers always hear from happy and unhappy customers. That’s easy measurement.

How Do You Even Quantify How Big of a Problem You Have?

Man holds an iPhone toward the camera

You can measure the customer perspective of tens of thousands of people with these.

Measuring the customer perspective for tens of thousands of people can be problematic, however, especially if you have hundreds of stores throughout the country. But, it can be done.

Many large companies use mystery shopping to set a baseline for performance. Measure Consumer Perspectives can be employed to assess each store’s performance by sending mystery shoppers to every location to find strengths and weaknesses.

Large companies often launch a mobile feedback campaign to get data quickly. Measure Consumer Perspectives routinely collects data through mobile surveys, which typically have a 20 percent or more completion rate (compared to survey cards, which barely hit one percent). These are very short surveys — usually four questions — sent to a customer’s mobile phone. The questionnaires work on any kind of phone, not just smart phones.

Results should be compiled and used to measure improvements at each store. With this information, owners and executives can determine whether problem stores are improving, and if stronger stores are holding steady.

Mobile feedback provides one of the most reliable sources of customer feedback. It can outperform every other form of customer perspective measurement. Survey cards, coupon redemption, and even focus groups only show a slice of the customer satisfaction pie.

Social media conversations pertaining to a company should be monitored, but this is not a complete picture of customer perspective. For a complete understanding, companies should look to mystery shoppers and mobile feedback to obtain measurable information to enact changes and bring improvement.

Photo credit: Kengo (Flickr, Creative Commons