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Measure CP Launches Data Visualization Platform Envision (PRESS RELEASE)

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.)—Measure Consumer Perspectives (Measure CP), a leading market research firm and mystery shopping company, announced the release of Envision, powered by Dapresy. This new solution gives businesses an all-in-one visualization platform that transforms any data point — including survey data, marketing, sales, social media, and advertising — into actionable business intelligence.

Envision leverages the breadth of market research data generated by Measure CP’s data collection services, along with best-in-class business intelligence reporting, infographics and storytelling tools, to help businesses better understand the customer experience across all areas.

Data visualization has emerged as an essential business practice with limitless potential, but some companies still struggle to find solutions that match their goals and employee skill set. Envision was designed with a drag-and-drop user interface to simplify the adoption of data visualization technology and make data actionable for everyone.

With Envision, businesses can:

  • Integrate survey data and display it in a way all stakeholders can understand.
  • Create compelling dashboards and reports using Envision’s more than 2,000 infographics.
  • Export dashboards and reports instead of building presentations in PowerPoint.
  • Track and analyze all sales, marketing, social media, advertising and survey data in a single platform.
  • Involve entire teams in decision-making and give individuals at all levels the power to use data for themselves.

Kimberly Nasief, CEO and founder of Measure CP

Kimberly Nasief, CEO and founder of Measure CP

“With so much data and not always plentiful information, Envision will simply reporting at all levels of an organization by beautifully displaying data with our dashboards in a meaningful and easy to understand way,” said Kimberly Nasief, CEO and founder of Measure CP.

“We’re excited to launch this very innovative solution allowing businesses the ability to capture their data in a single place and use our library of graphics to build a dynamic dashboard or import their own branded elements.”

Envision is built for companies of all sizes, including large enterprises and small to medium businesses. The platform meets all reporting needs for trackers, syndicated reporting or voice of the customer programs.

Envision is available via a tiered pricing program. Our knowledgeable team will work with customers to determine the best fit for each business’s needs.

About Measure CP

With over 16 years of market research and mystery shopping experience, Measure CP is an innovator and a trusted research partner. Our business was built from the ground up, starting with just a handful of clients to providing some of the world’s largest brands and companies with our unique intelligence and research services.

At Measure CP, we take pride in our ability to deliver wide-ranging data collection capabilities to our clients and cutting edge solutions that offer actionable intelligence. We offer a complete solution for capturing experiences, including mystery shopping, brand auditing, compliance checks, and field research. Measure CP uses traditional, mobile, geocoded, and hidden camera technologies in order to bring pertinent insights to clients about brand, customer, and service experiences. These insights — enhanced with robust reporting and integrated with customer, employee, social and sales data — help tell a more accurate story about the brand-health of an organization.