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Measure CP – A Great Fit for Our Clients and Our Shoppers

If you want to improve your business, Measure CP can help. We are the next generation of consumer brand auditing, focusing on systematic ways to analyze and improve the customer experience of your business. We combine traditional mystery shopper services and brand auditing by using mobile and social media tools to provide a comprehensive view of your brand and the customer service experience that defines it.

Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up. One of the ways we help companies improve the customer experience is through mystery shopping services. Measure CP’s mystery shoppers come from a variety of backgrounds and demographics. Mystery shoppers are moms, students, retirees, veterans, full-time shoppers, and part-time shoppers. Regardless of the differences in our mystery shopping team, they all share an interest in helping companies improve their customer service and customer experience.

The diversity of our mystery shoppers helps us ensure that we can match the right shopper to the right company. We go the extra mile to make sure that each shopper is analyzing the business that they’re best suited for. Once you begin working with us, we’ll immediately assess your needs and narrow down the field of mystery shoppers to those who are best suited to observe your business. Filtering our selections by shopper certifications and demographics, Measure CP will find the shoppers who will give you the most accurate picture of the customer experience that your business provides.

Our mission is to be your partner in improving your business. We provide a variety of services that can provide a clearer picture of how customers perceive your brand, and what you can do to bridge any gaps between where you stand now and your future goals for your company. Highly trained mystery shoppers are ready to perform a detailed analysis of your business and help you achieve the success you imagine for your company.