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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Launches Mystery Shopper Program

Have you ever wanted to be a mystery shopper for a kingdom?

I mean, if it could get us into the royal wedding, that would be pretty great. If I could visit the Queen of England, maybe hang out with a couple of Dukes or something, that would be great.

Ooh, or hang out with Queen Máxima of Orange, married to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Except that’s not what that means.

Actually, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through Adaa, the National Center for Performance Management is launching a mystery shopping app that allows people to measure any service on the spot.

A mystery shopper (actually, any user), can rate a facility’s readiness, its employees’ performance, and the clarity of their procedures.

Adaa reports to the Council of Ministers and operates under the chairmanship of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Adaa General Director Husam Madani told that performance measurement is important for Saudi Arabia to achieve a responsibly enabled nation.

“Adaa’s mandate is to measure government performance and measure satisfaction with the public services provided by government entities. When you connect the mandate to the two sub-pillars, measuring government performance plays part in achieving an effectively governed nation, and measuring beneficiary satisfaction plays part in achieving a responsibly enabled nation,” said Madani.
 Madani said that the mystery shopper would visit a government office, make his observations, and then put their observations and results into a report that gets shared with that agency’s management.

“Mystery shoppers rate the facility readiness, employee performance and clarity of procedures,” Madani said. “We also measure initiatives, specific initiatives that have been funded for organizations and we closely look at the outcome, we do not look at the progress. Third, we measure citizen satisfaction.”
 It’s not often that we hear about a mystery shopper getting to rate a government agency, certainly not in this country (or at least not very often). So we’re a bit envious that Saudi Arabia would create a program where people rate their government agencies, and the agencies are expected to respond and improve based on the mystery shopper reports.

However, we don’t really expect a lot of government agencies to go out of their way to seek ways to improve. For one thing, there’s no competition. It’s not like you can go to another agency or corporation to get your driver’s license or a copy of your birth certificate.

Still, we’re always eager to help any government agency, whether federal, state, or local who seeks to improve their services. If you would like to start a mystery shopper program to help with your government agency, nonprofit organization, or multi-national cooperative, please contact us and ask to speak to one of our mystery shopping program experts.