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How Wireless Stores Can Use a Mystery Shopper

People can do a lot of damage with their cell phones these days. The smarter those little tools get, the easier it is for a dissatisfied customer to use their GPS and find another place to do business with or blast a tweet to their hundreds of followers about the terrible service they received.

Wireless stores need mystery shoppers to find problem areasCombine the indisputable power of wireless with the utter indispensability of the phones that deliver that service, and you start to get an idea of how important your wireless store is in the lives of your customers. You’ll find itself in a real pickle if you don’t take good care of those customers…and their phones. (I don’t have to ask about the last time you saw a businessman with a malfunctioning CrackBerry, do I?)

Ensure that you’re doing all that you can to provide excellent service to your customers by hiring a mystery shopping provider — they’ll give you firsthand reports from a customer’s perspective — from the moment they walk in the door to the sales floor, back to the service counter and around to the cash registers. These specially trained shoppers are prepared in advance to visit your stores with a list of things to look for and questions to ask.

Here are a few things they might look for:

  • Attitudes — how do they cope with demanding customers? Are they empowered to provide heroic solutions to people who are upset? Do they smile?
  • Wait times — whether it’s a phone repair taking too long or not enough salespeople out on the floor, a shopper can track how long they wait for every response they’re expecting.
  • Sales issues — does your staff know its stuff? Do they know how to provide comparisons on the many products your store sells? Do they understand all the voice and data plans? How about accessories?
  • Vocabulary — do your employees know how to put all those technical specs into layman’s terms without patronizing or talking down to your customers? Some consumers have done their research and really do understand the “geek speak,” but many will not.

You’ve put this on hold for far too long — turn a few mystery shoppers loose in your wireless stores. Let them be your eyes and ears, and provide insight into your business that could make way for sales boosts and gain you lifelong customers. Can you hear me now? Good.