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How Measure Consumer Perspectives Grades Call Centers

Measure Consumer Perspectives is not only an in-person mystery shopping firm working with onsite retail operations. We also specialize in assessing call centers, internal operations, and other back office functions. We work with both B2B and B2C companies in every function.

A company’s call center team has the power to make or break a company’s reputation. If a customer service agent is unfriendly or ill-informed, a bad experience with a company’s inbound call center can leave customers feeling burned by not just the agent, but by the company as a whole.

Mystery shopping and call grading can help companies create a top notch customer service experience by identifying strengths and improving weaknesses. Call grading is an effective way for companies to gain insight into their customer’s perceptions. Companies of all sizes have hired us to conduct call grading as a means to ensure that when customers contact them, they are left with the best possible impression of their company.

So how does >Measure Consumer Perspectives handle call grading? Before the audit takes place, we work closely with our clients to create a checklist of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the client deems important to customers’ satisfaction. For example, how long did it take for the call to be answered? Did the customer service agent adhere to their script? Was the problem resolved in a timely manner? Was the problem solved at all, or did the agent hang up to keep their times artificially low.

Once criteria is established, our experienced assessors will grade the calls according to the criteria and adherence to the KPIs, making notes along the way. Once the project is complete, our assessors will produce a thorough report detailing any general observations.

By conducting call grading audits, Measure Consumer Perspectives is able to help companies to identify weak links within their staff. Measure Consumer Perspectives has worked with many companies of every size over the years, and can help your company as well. Call us for call grading for your own call centers.