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How Does Customer Experience Management Work?

As mentioned in my previous blog post, customer experience management is constantly monitoring and improving your customers’ interactions with all aspects of your business within your four walls, beyond — but not excluding — the human element. When you understand the relationship between your customers and your business, you can make it more streamlined and more positive.

How does customer experience management work?How does it work? Well, it’s a team effort, to say the least: Everyone needs to be on board. But it begins at the top, with the owners and managers.

To begin putting a great customer experience management program in place, you must first determine your goals as a business — either directly from the top or with a team representing all facets of your business — and then work at creating a unified message.

What are your goals in operations and finance? What are your goals for hiring, morale and other HR responsibilities? What are your goals for training your employees? What are your marketing goals? What are your goals for customer service?

If you don’t have a unified message, then the low men on your totem pole, in their various departments, will be getting conflicting messages that make things incredibly sloppy at the ground level. Competing policies and procedures won’t confuse your employees, because these people don’t have five managers they report to. There may be five managers, but only a few people report to each.

But what if a customer walks into your store and sees signage everywhere for a special sale but never hears employees mention or promote it? What if a customer who read about a coupon or return policy on your company’s website comes in to act on it and encounters a hassle at the register?

The simultaneous enforcement of competing procedures, or misfired messaging of any type, will certainly confuse your customers — and disappoint them — which is what you were aiming to avoid in the first place with customer experience management.

Start from the top and work your way down until every single person under your employ understands your goals. That’s the way to succeed with CEM.