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How Can My Salon Benefit from Mystery Shopping?

Whether it’s a quick trim, a drastic new ‘do, or correcting at-home color gone horribly wrong, salons strive to give their clients confidence when they walk out the door. As a salon owner, you’re very aware that that confidence is not achieved by stylist technique alone. The emotional connection created by a salon can be the difference between one-off clients and lifelong clients.

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When a consumer must pick between two salons of comparable ability and price, the deciding factor may be that customer experience. Find success in customer service, and you’ll likely see higher retention rates and improved revenue. Because of this link, an increasing number of salons have started to audit their customers’ experiences. Their method?

Mystery shoppers.

Your business needs to understand your clients’ needs, and it’s important that you get an objective view of where your service levels are now. A mystery shopping program can give you an informative report based on customer service, in an effort to help you cost-effectively keep the customer base you have, with areas to grow.

What can you find out from a mystery shopping report?

  • Perception of your services and products
  • Comparison of service to your competitors
  • Evaluate staff performance and identify training needs
  • Level of engagement with the client
  • Confirm whether staff are promoting/cross-selling specific services and products as trained

But there are immediate benefits your salon as well. By engaging in a mystery shopping program, you’re telling your team, “Customer service is very important to this company.” Your team will know how customer service is measured, which creates a sense of accountability and purpose. Through the reports of mystery shoppers, your staff becomes more aware, and they benefit with the increased retentions rates and profits.

The reports will show the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, you can recognize all the good and spend time correcting the few areas that are hurting you. Once you know your areas of improvement, it’s how you implement and manage those changes that really makes a difference.

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