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How Can My Fast Food Restaurant Benefit From a Mystery Shopper?

Americans are busier today than they’ve ever been. They do nearly everything on the go — I’ve even seen a woman tweezing her brows in her rearview mirror at a stoplight! — and eating is obviously no exception. The multimillion-dollar fast food industry just keeps growing to keep up with diners’ demands in their increasingly rushed lifestyles from home to work, work to social life, and all points in between.

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So with all the restaurants out there, how you keep them coming for your burgers, fries and other items you serve? You know your store serves delicious food — you’ve tasted it yourself — but when you can’t be in the store to watch over the rest of the operation, consider hiring a mystery shopping company.

From the moment a mystery shopper pulls into your parking lot, whether they’re hitting the drive-thru or coming inside for the full restaurant experience, they’ll go through all the motions of the everyday customer’s experience and put together a detailed report of their visit to offer a snapshot that will help you identify your restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the things they’ll be keeping an eye out for:

  • Store appearance, inside and out
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Cleanliness
  • Time spent waiting in line to order
  • Personal appearance of employees
  • Helpfulness/friendliness of employees
  • Time waiting for food to be ready
  • Taste/freshness of food
  • Restroom facilities

Things do move quickly in a fast food restaurant — who knew? — so your employees should always be on their toes and doing something around the place. Something as simple as employees smiling at customers as they go about their business mopping, wiping up tables or stacking trays can make the difference between a quick chicken sandwich before soccer practice and a diner for life.

Mystery shoppers who blend in with your regular clientele can be your eyes and ears — slow down and listen to them!

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