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How Can My Cell Phone Store Benefit From a Mystery Shopper?

More and more people are dependent on cell phones these days, from college students to busy professionals. In 2010, the National Center for Health Statistics released survey findings that said 25 percent of American households relied entirely on their cell phones (no landlines!). Responding to increased demand and ease of use, the console-mounted car phone and bulky Zach Morris phone have given way to sleeker, more streamlined technology that can do everything but land the space shuttle. And as phones become “smarter” — more complex, able to do more things and, well, more expensive — users are coming to expect more from them.

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There are a lot of options out there for cell phone customers, and many different places to get phones as well as customer and technical support for them. If users are expecting a lot from their phones, they expect even more from the people who provide them. How can you be sure your store is best equipped for today’s demanding consumer — and the rewards brought by keeping them happy?

Hire a mystery shopping company. They’ll send in people to come you’re your store and go through all the motions of an everyday customer to see how well your staff is doing. Then the shopper will send back a detailed report of their visit that outlines the good, the bad and the ugly.

For shops in stores like yours, the focus will be less on cleanliness and signage and more on your employees’ customer service, responsiveness and attention to detail:

  • Are your employees friendly and personable?
  • Are they adequately trained on the latest products and technology?
  • Do they know how to handle/delegate both technical and customer service issues?
  • How quickly can they respond to and find a solution to these issues?
  • Are they willing to go the extra mile to care for and retain customers?
  • Is the store well stocked? (Because who wants to wait for a charger or case to be delivered, much less that brand spanking-new phone?)

Whether you’re a corporate store for one of the big cell phone providers or a franchise shop that caters to customers with many providers and even prepaid plans, mystery shoppers are a great way to assess how well your employees are representing your company and how likely customers are to return to your store again and again for their mobile-phone needs.

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