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How Baby Stores Can Benefit From a Mystery Shopper

Blankets. Pacifiers. Cribs. High chairs. Tiny bowls and tiny spoons. Stuffed animals. …All lined up in perfect rows, Your baby store can benefit from a Mystery Shopperglimmering in the sunlight of your big picture windows.

Either you’re running the prettiest daycare center ever, or you’ve got a baby store on your hands. On one hand, you’ve got a pretty solid demographic, and you’re fairly recession proof. Babies will keep being born no matter how bad the economy gets.

On the other hand, it’s safe to say that mothers are a picky and demanding bunch — and why shouldn’t they be? Nothing but the best for their little bundles of joy, whether they’re still expecting or just keeping up with the demand for new sizes of baby clothes and other items to help them dote on their beautiful children.

Whether mothers choose to shop in your boutique or store, or take to baby-gear swap websites or yard sales, all depends on the kind of service you provide them when they give you that first crucial chance. How can you be sure you’re making the best impression on this very important shopper demographic? Hire a mystery shopping company.

A mystery shopping company will choose and specially train people to come to your store and act like real customers — customers who take copious notes on everything that goes on during their visit. When they leave, they’ll put those notes together and report back on their experience, which will help you understand how to build on your store’s strengths and eliminate the weaknesses.

You’ll work with the company on a list of things mystery shoppers will look for, but here’s a sampling:

  • Is your shop organized and merchandised well?
  • Does the store have a clean, welcoming environment? Music? Scent?
  • Are products (especially ones you’ve advertised) stocked up and on the floor for purchase?
  • How long does the in-store experience take, from entrance to checkout? (Moms are busy ladies!)
  • Is your staff friendly and helpful?

It’s important to take good care of all your customers, but in a baby store, moms should be your No. 1 concern — hiring mystery shoppers can help you do the best possible job catering to this important demographic.