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Good Customer Experience Doesn’t Mean Dealing With Bad Customers

Sometimes a good customer experience is not worth putting up with the hassle of bad or poorly-behaved customers. Sometimes you’re better off excising a bad customer because of all the damage they can do to your atmosphere, your clientele, and even your brand.

We’ve all seen some obnoxious people in the past, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. The rise of anger in this country seems to be locked in with the feelings of righteous indignation people have, and one always leads to the expression of the other.

So it’s pretty bad when you have customers like that in your store. The inclination for most business owners when dealing with an angry customer is to appease them, fix the problem, make it right, and rescue the positive customer experience.

English: Angry woman.

English: Angry woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what about when the customer is just a complete jerk, is never happy with any solution, and continues to be a pain in the ass, no matter what you do? Now, they’re bringing down everyone’s customer experience whenever they walk in the door.

Whether it’s the customer who’s rude to the barista, or the shopper who whines at the retail salesperson, or the diner who yells loudly at the wait staff because the spicy beef they ordered was spicy, you sometimes need to tell the customer that you don’t need the business that badly. They’re making the customer experience unpleasant for everyone else, and by keeping them around, you’re in danger of losing those customers instead.

Take the customer aside, speak to them quietly, but firmly, and tell them that they will no longer be allowed in your establishment. While it may seem more satisfying to publicly and loudly berate the customer, keep in mind that while the other customers may appreciate it, they may wonder if it will ever happen to them too. And that can cast a pall over the entire customer experience for a good long while.

For a better customer experience all around, don’t let bad customers or unpleasant customers ruin your atmosphere and the goodwill you have from your better-behaved customers. Eliminate the rude customers and create a more positive environment and customer experience for everyone else.

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