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Gaining Customer Perspective: Use Mystery Shoppers to Know Where Changes Can Help Boost Business

Understanding the customer perspective is crucial to a business’ success. A business owner may train staff to offer the best possible customer experience, and the store may be in excellent physical condition. However, it can be very difficult to know your customers are taking note of your knowledgeable staff and impeccable store, and if those factors are positively impacting the customer perspective. This is where mystery shoppers come in.

Using mystery shoppers can help you gain a candid, detailed view of your business’s customer perspective. Mystery shoppers help business owners and managers understand what is happening in real time at their company. Using the insight and research gathered a mystery shopper can help you obtain actionable insights into what the customer perspective of your business is, and how it can be improved.

Understanding a business' customer perspective can help you understand their decision making processFor example, do you know if your employees are truly evangelizing your brand? Is your staff trained to properly elevate issues they aren’t familiar with handling on a daily basis? Mystery shoppers are experienced in analyzing the customer perspective of your business. They are able to determine areas of strength and weakness, discover where profits and losses are coming from, and more.

A mystery shopper or auditor plays a crucial role in evaluating the customer service experience, brand immersion experience, and the overall consumer perspective for your business. Mystery shoppers come from all backgrounds and walks of life and are highly trained to gather intelligence on the metrics that matter most when it comes to getting all your customers to have a positive outlook on your business. If changes in the way your business looks or operates need to be made, a mystery shopping firm can recommend not only what changes to make but how to make those changes so that your bottom line is positively impacted. Mystery shopping programs include traditional in-person mystery shoppers, telephone mystery shoppers, and website mystery shoppers. As a business owner or manager, you will get a full analysis of the customer perspective on all aspects of your business, so you will know exactly what is working well and what needs improvement in order to boost your business.

You may feel as if you have trained your employees to properly evaluate a customer’s needs, but are your staff members truly prepared to handle any customer? It’s impossible for a business owner or operator to get an unbiased view of the customer perspective on their own. But a mystery shopper can help you gain the unbiased view you’re looking for, so you know if the work you’re doing is truly making a positive impact on the customer perspective of your business. If you have recently been wondering what the customer perspective of your business is and how it might be improved, a mystery shopping program may be an excellent next step to help you actively pursue business growth.

Photo credit: Khemkaeng (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0)