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Gain Customer Perspective Through Social Media

Is customer perspective of your company the same as yours? Do you see your business through your eyes, or your customer’s eyes? How can you ascertain what your customers are thinking?

Your customers are talking about you – and these days, they’re using social media to do so. The question is, are you listening? Social media is one of the best ways for businesses and organizations in all industries to gain customer perspective and insight into their business and operations. The customer perspective gained through social media is invaluable to companies when creating customer experience management plans.

The following are a great starting point for those looking to use social media to research customer perspectives:

1. Google

Not only should you be Googling your business, you should do it often. As a business owner, you should be aware of everything that is being said about your business – press, reviews and customer complaints. Set up a Google Alert for your business name. This will automatically deliver new search results directly to your email as they occur, making it easy to follow trends in customer perspectives. Google Alert for Measure CP

2. Online review sites

Whether or not you’ve created a profile on review sites such as, there’s a good chance someone else has – therefore it’s important that you check your reviews often. In addition, you should also be checking out your competitors’ reviews. By checking out the competition, you’ll be able to gain invaluable insight into the customer perspective of your competition, which can help you figure out what your target market wants.

3. Twitter

Even if your business is not on Twitter, you should still be running frequent searches for your business within the site. This will pull up any conversation about your business – in fact, you may be surprised to find that more people are talking about your business than you would expect!

4. Competitor’s pages

Next time you’re online, scope out your competitors’ social media profiles? Look at what’s working and what’s not. Their customers will have great insight that will often align with your business. Look at what their customers are saying and get some great insight into your company’s customer perspective.