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Four Things Your Mystery Shopping Company Is Missing

Your mystery shopping business spends every day helping clients be the best they can be for their customers. Your shoppers document every second of their interaction with a business; the reports you compile help keep up with their competition. How often do you take a cue from the services you provide your clients and assess your OWN business with a critical eye? Are you staying current with today’s trends and technology? Do you pay attention to your competition — to what they offer and how they treat their customers?

Let’s take a look at four things you could be missing:

1. Quick turnaround.

Your company should be able to provide results from a mystery shop within 36 hours. Everything happens faster these days; heck, a bad Yelp review or string of negative tweets can go viral in seconds and bring you to your knees before you can say, “What the Zuckerberg?”

It’s so important to get your clients results as quickly as possible; if there’s a behavior or procedure they need to change within their operation — especially if it can be changed almost immediately — then they need to know about it. Your mystery shop’s report may be essential to the future success of their business.

2. Audio and video capabilities.

Straight paper reports are so ’90s. Multimedia integration into your shops should be the norm — not an exception. These days, it’s much less expensive for your mystery shoppers to obtain basic recording equipment than it once was, and your clients likely expect these richer results. (Written reports and second-hand note taking can be subjective and unreliable no matter how good your shoppers are…but recordings are irrefutable!)

3. Thorough and up-to-date analytics.

You need to be asking the right questions and providing context to your shoppers’ reporting. That could mean comparing a client’s results to an industry standard, other, similar local businesses’ results, or even that client’s own past reports.

4. Ability to work around the country, not just a region.

In the days of brick and mortar and mom and pop, servicing a local or regional area was nice. It was acceptable. But these days, to keep up with demand, it’s an added bonus to be able to provide mystery-shopping services to clients all over the country. Whether that means you have extensive web capabilities — a full-featured website with online booking, reporting and payment — or feet on the ground in each region you want to service, you should be there.