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Completing Fast Food Shops: Tips for Mystery Shoppers

Top 10 Tips for Fast Food Shops

Reprinted with permission from the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, MSPA Shopper Minute #4, December 2009 Newsletter

  1. Review complete guidelines thoroughly BEFORE you arrive to review purchase and time of shop requirements (often guidelines will change from the last time you completed same shop).
  2. Bring a watch or use a phone. Often you will be asked to time waiting periods. Focus on timing in line; gather other details while at the table or in the car.
  3. Keep your form and guidelines out of site due to cameras and employees onsite.
  4. Make sure if there is an order requirement, you are prepared to ask for it correctly. Stammering through your order could give you away.
  5. If recording is allowed, activate the recorder on your phone as this might help you remember events later when writing your report.
  6. Do not write your report on the premises or in the parking lot of establishment you are shopping
  7. If photos are required, be cautious. One shopper was documented on camera taking a photo of the menu board and thus recognized. Use your cell phone camera if you can (provided that it is at least 2.0 megapixels), as it looks like you are texting then and will not be as easily detected.
  8. Notes can be made in your phone as a text message to yourself or on a memo pad for easy recall.
  9. Some shops require a receipt. If the employee does not provide you with a receipt, when asking for one, you might explain you need it for keeping track for your family budget or that you need it for business purposes.
  10. If asked “Are you a mystery shopper?” Act as if you don’t know what that is. Simply respond, “What’s that?”

If you are shopping a route of fast food shops, leaving you with a trunk full of extra food, you might consider donating to a shelter or senior center, rather than throwing it away.