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Download Our Mobile Surveys and Mobile Feedback Whitepaper

We recently published a whitepaper on mobile surveys and mobile feedback, a service we offer here at Measure CP. You can download this free 9-page whitepaper and learn more about the technology that lets you reach your customers and get them to respond to you quickly and more easily than dealing with survey cards and messages printed on receipts.

In the meantime, here is a sample of our whitepaper: the first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Overview Mobile Surveys and Mobile Feedback

Using mobile feedback as a customer experience management tool can give you the upper-hand on your competitors, many of which still rely on traditional methods of measuring a consumer’s perspective. Some of these traditional methods include handing out satisfaction cards at the end of a meal, store visit or purchase, or asking the person to complete a telephone survey by calling a phone number listed on his or her receipts. These methods may have been an adequate means of measuring the consumer perspective in the past, however, mobile technology has taken over and these methods are becoming antiquated.

With mobile feedback, a customer survey can be given upon his or her request so they do not feel spammed. A customer can request a mobile feedback survey by scanning a QR code or by texting a code to a specific number. The mobile surveys can be as short, or as long as necessary to gather the requested feedback about your business. Most mobile feedback surveys, however, are typically no longer than four questions.

The benefits of Mobile Surveys and Mobile Feedback are abundant:

  • Your customers will feel connected to your business
  • You have the opportunity to show customers results before they leave your location
  • You receive immediate feedback while the customer is still at your location
  • Mobile feedback is a quick and easy process for the customer

You can download the entire whitepaper and read it at your convenience. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to call us and our staff of trained mystery shopping experts will be happy to help.