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Customer Experience Management Will Grow in 2013

Customer experience management is expected to grow in 2013, thanks to the increased awareness by businesses of the relationship between customer service and marketing.

A 2012 study by Forrester research found that 66% of CEOs surveyed consider customer relations as a key source of sustained economic value and 73% are “investing heavily” in customer insights. However, because most companies are not yet investing as much in customer experience management as they do traditional marketing or advertising, experts anticipate that a core group of early adopters will embrace CEM this year. In turn, more mainstream corporations will be left scrambling, not unlike the rush to get on social media businesses experienced a few years ago.

Unlike social media, however, customer experience management is something that requires time and research to perfect – in fact, late adopters will find that there is no successful “quick fix.” You can’t just dive in and experiment, the way you could during the early days of Twitter, Facebook, and blogging.

Experts recommend that organizations who wish to be leaders in the CEM space should get started now, giving yourself time to develop a successful customer experience management plan that involves every branch of your organization.

If your organization simply does not have the staff power, bandwidth or knowledge needed to create a comprehensive customer experience management plan, you’re not at a loss — a selection of agencies have begun offering CEM planning to clients. When selecting an agency that specializes in customer experience management, you’ll want to be sure to select one that can not only execute your plan seamlessly, but one that is experienced with consumer insights and understands the full CEM process.

Successful CEM programs offer a great deal of return on investment. Those early adopters that begin executing their CEM plans now will not only become leaders in the space, but will also see an excellent return on their investment.