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Customer Experience Management Makes Good Marketing

Customer experience management can be the difference between good marketing and bad marketing. As every business owner knows, a happy customer is the best form of marketing – and an unhappy one can drive away many potential customers, especially those left on an online review site.

Nowadays, customers are more apt to seek out the feedback of others when making a buying decision. Both positive and negative reviews speak volumes to the potential customer. For this reason, customer experience management can be one of the best forms of marketing that a company invests in.

The creation of a solid customer experience management plan is not only an investment in a company’s customer satisfaction, it is one of the bests marketing investments a company can make. Businesses that are renowned for an upstanding level of customer service not only have an improved reputation – they also experience an increase in customer loyalty and trust among new customers because of word-of-mouth marketing.

Most consumers can name at least one or two businesses that are well known for their high level of customer service. Whether the company offers painless returns, a solid product guarantee, or is known for friendly, accessible and knowledgeable customer service associates, companies that are notorious for going above and beyond for their customers tend to also experience a strong growth in sales. This is where customer experience management comes into play. A solid customer experience management program is also an investment in customer acquisition.

It goes without saying that customers are more likely to patronize a trusted company that has a positive reputation and comes highly recommended as opposed to a brand with a mediocre reputation. In fact, a large portion of consumers will spend a bit more money on a product from a company they know to stand by its word as opposed to saving money by dealing with a company they cannot stand. That is customer experience management in action.

With a well-executed customer experience management program in their arsenal, companies can rest assured that they will be able to retain a core group of dedicated customers willing to advocate for their brand. Those that create a solid customer experience management program are more apt to experience increased customer acquisition via word of mouth advertising in addition to referrals via online review sites.

A strong customer experience management program can help a business to understand, and thereby serve their customer above and beyond expectations. The customer will remember the positive experience they had with the organization and will be more apt to refer them to their friends and colleagues, and this is the best form of advertising a business can have. In this day and age, a solid recommendation from a trusted party carries far more weight than any other marketing message.