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Customer Experience Management Benefits With Social Media

Customer experience management, customer service, customer retention. Call it what you want, it’s becoming more and more important as customers are finding they have different choices when it comes to the companies they deal with.

Last May, Nelson Pascua published an article on ReadWriteWeb that talked about five customer experience management ROI benefits, including recovering potentially lost customers, engaging employees and reducing staff turnover, and reducing the cost of “feedback infrastructure.”

But Nelson’s second point, which we talk about the most is that good customer experience management lets you “engage existing customers.”

Pascua says a good customer experience management program will let you find your biggest customer fans and give them additional loyalty rewards and promotional offers, because it leads to more visits and sales.

Social Media is Customer Experience Management On Steroids

But we want to take it one step further: we think you should have your customer experience management program on social media — Twitter, Facebook, a blog, even YouTube. These tools “reduce the cost of the feedback infrastructure,” because they’re all free to use and don’t have to be staffed every minute of the day, like the customer service department.

We’re seeing social media increase in usage with clients who come to us wanting help with their customer experience management issues: we always try to find a way to keep negative experiences from “going social” — hitting social media before you have a chance to fix it — but how do you use social media when people do complain or compliment?

On social media, people are going to talk about you. They’re going to talk about their experience with you, good or bad. But social media gives you a chance to engage with your customers. You can thank them profusely when they say good things about you, and you can apologize and fix the problem when they say bad things about you.

But something pretty cool will happen when you do this. The happy customers will tell their friends about how you just thanked them, and they’ll pledge to return (and their friends will want to come with them, or come themselves).

And the unhappy customers will tell their friends about how you just fixed their problems. And they’ll pledge to return too. And their friends will see how you helped them, and they’ll want to come themselves, because you managed a bad experience and made it good again.

Customer experience management via social media can really make a difference to customer retention just by engaging your existing customers and listening to what they have to say. Measure CP is a mystery shopping service that specializes in social media and customer experience management. We have worked with small and large clients around the country on their customer service issues, and show them how to use social media to help their customers be satisfied.